I’m an American born Indian.  I grew up in Michigan, got my degree in California, and now am living in Texas.  My formal education lies in Business, Psychology, and Computer Science. I had the honor of receiving a Bachelors of Science for Management & Information Systems from California State University Chico.

     If you are reading this, I imagine you found my portfolio from my resume or linkedin, and are looking for clues as to whether I’m the right person for “the job”.  Let me assure you that YES I AM.  Not because I'm better than my competition at coding, creative direction, audio engineering, or whatever else you’re looking for. But more so because I have a passion for constantly learning and staying ahead of the curve.


     As an overview I’ve developed skills in the following three main categories of Software Development, Design and Business Analytics/Information Systems. Below is a flowchart of all my computer skills and how they relate to these three broad categories. Click on the nodes and explore the facets of my computer knowledge.

**Note** I've spent 100+ hours studying each of the skills listed above

Hire me

I’m always interested in hearing about new projects and making business contacts.  At the current moment I am looking for a full-time role located somewhere near Austin, Tx.  Although I am open to doing freelance work, I am currently booked up and will not be taking on any new clients unless under unique circumstances.

If you’ve read the above statement and still want to contact me, shoot me an email with your project idea, company name, and timeline to