My Journey as a Novice Entrepreneur


    Ever since I can remember, music has been a cornerstone of my intellectual diet. Sometimes a confirmation of, but other times an escape from my current reality whether it be sad, happy, aggressive or flirtatious.

     Right out of highschool, I started touring in a band called “Strange Habits.” We initially started for the music but it quickly became an entrepreneurial endeavor. Project Management, Logistics, Accounting, Public Relations, and of course Product Design/Distribution, we did it all.

     As I grew older, my bands broke apart, collaborators moved away, but we always have the drive to write music. So why can't we collaborate when we’re apart? This thought stuck with me throughout college.


     Along with my undergraduate degree coursework, I had simultaneously been building audio web applications for personal use. I called the collection of apps CloudLab. It was the answer to my collaboration troubles. I needed a platform where I could record loop and edit audio in the cloud, using nothing more that a laptop or cell phone.

     Once I had completed the initial web app (which is a massive topic in and of itself) I had become a senior in college. A Business School Professor and mentor of mine, Peter Strauss, convinced me to pitch the idea at an elevator pitch competition put on by CSUC. One thing led to another and after 6 months I had raised $33,000 of seed funding, $7,600 of which came from my school.


CloudLab Tech Breakdown

     CloudLab is a SaaS application designed to transfer audio collaboration experiences to the cloud. In its most basic form it’s an HTML5 audio recorder with a built in editing engine.  I designed and coded the first few iterations of it using the MEAN stack (Mongodb, Express, Angular, Node.js) and some Inspiration in the form of Matt Diamond’s recorder.js.  After receiving a small amount of funding, I put together a team of peers and freelancers to assist me with the project.  As a whole we’ve added a Restful API, additional database functionality for testing purposes (Redis & Firebase), and currently we’re building a mobile frontend using both Ionic and React to communicate with the API (Just to see which one holds up better). Additionally the backend is built paying close attention to node.js and it’s asynchronous design methodologies.

     At the moment I do not have the funds to keep a public demo running with a Static IP.  If you are interested in a private demo showing, (Investors and Employers only) contact me at